Saturday, June 26, 2010

Legend Water Village 24 - 26 June 2010

These are the photos from my trip to PD
Lovely view of the Water Villas in the Water Homes. These villas have their very own private pools in every unit. The upper units have outdoor pools, and the lower units have indoor pools.

View of Glory Beach Hotel from Legend Water Chalet

Nice hairdo
Sign here please
That's quick..... instant baby boom
The 5 supremes

Spacious room inside the Water Chalet

All units comes with separate loveshaped tub, toilet and shower.

Notice the entrance and the separate shower room, toilet and bath tub for you to soak up after a tiring day.

Another view of the Water Chalet and the Tower units behind. Note the looming dark clouds. Storms a brewing.....

The Water Chalets juts out towards the Straits of Melaka.
View of the Water Chalet from the balcony of the chalet across the water.

Macho or what?
Tour guides John Tan and Insurani
Mok and Mindy?
Those guys from P&G sure looks serious.....
Getting busy with the team building by Smart Trend
Cindy, trainer from Smart Trend, doing her stuff.
The four friendly tour guides cum hosts for the P&G event.
Very friendly and helpful resort staff.
Tea time...

Relax by the pool... nice sun deck chairs.

Looks so inviting.

Having some fun doing the treasure hunt...

Welcoming banner for P&G Malaysia

Legend Water Homes in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Legend Water Chalet

Some of the participants from P&G doing their teambuilding activity.

Buggy from the Legend Water Chalet & Water Home - will shuttle you anywhere within the resort - FOC. Just check with the bell counter to make your reservations.

The units are really big - from 400+ to 600+ square feet to per unit. Can comfortably fit 4 to 6 people.

Separate shower and toilet. All units either have a square tub or small pool.

Some units (in the water homes) have apartment like facilities. (simple cooking and heating up of food).

The ground floor units have a small indoor pool for you to dip in privacy. Only in the Water Homes.

Garden view units in the Water Homes.

Both the Water Homes and Water Chalet have their own swimming pools.

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